Lightning Strike Ignites Fire Inside Florida Tree


near a rare weather occurrence on Monday near Marianna, Florida, lightning struck during a storm and ignited the interior of a tree without harming the exterior.

On Tuesday, the tree was struck by lightning, and the Weather Channel posted a video of the ensuing fire that was raging inside the tree. Depending on the size of the tree, when lightning strikes it, it frequently causes the top of the tree to burst into flames or the entire tree to be destroyed. The remarkable occurrence of the unharmed tree containing the raging fire inside its trunk was the result of an ideal storm of circumstances.

Through a crack in the tree’s trunk, the audience can see the fire within, yet the area outside the tree is unharmed.

According to Bob Larson, senior meteorologist at AccuWeather, for the inside fire to start, the tree must be the right size and struck in the proper spot.

weather Lightning Strike Ignites Fire Inside Florida Tree
Images of lightning striking a field are stock images. In Marianna, Florida, lightning struck a tree on Monday, starting a fire inside the tree without touching the outside.

When comparing a lightning strike of any nature to an explosive device, Larson said that lesser trees will typically be uprooted and destroyed. “The tree needs to be large enough so that lightning won’t completely destroy it.”

According to data from Statista for 2021, Florida ranks as the second state with the most lightning strikes annually. Texas has the most lightning strikes per year of any state.

Larson asserts that lightning has the power to pierce a tree and then ignite it from within. Lightning typically occurs during a thunderstorm, which is accompanied by rain, therefore the outside of the tree is wet while the inside of the tree is considerably dry. The conductivity of electrical energy is the same for sap.

Larson compared the situation to when lightning strikes a house and something catches fire inside.

Although the video was “remarkable,” Larson said he wasn’t sure the phenomenon should be classified as an uncommon occurrence because it might occur frequently in the forest when no one is available to film or photograph it.

The Weather Channel meteorologist Ari Sarsalari explained the occurrence in a video and said that occasionally the tree can withstand the strike and ensuing fire. With larger trees, the lightning creates a chimney-like opening in the side of the tree that allows the fire to consume air to keep burning.

Lightning strikes are common and frequently result in damage because they can reach temperatures of 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is five times hotter than the surface area of the sun.

Seven passengers were harmed on a trip from Texas in March after what seemed to be lightning striking the plane.

A video was made of the lightning strike that occurred in April on the spire of One World Trade Centre in New York City. Over 4 million people have watched the popular video. There have been no injuries associated with the lightning strike at One World Trade Centre.

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