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Baldur’s Gate tagsLost Eidolons, Monster Hunter: Rise, Shining Force III, and Disgaea 5

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  1. I believe I’ve already addressed this issue, so I’ll just give a little variation. Barked shins in Pokémon Go.

    In addition, I have severe thumb blisters from playing a lot of video games. It’s difficult to single out any one as being particularly awful, but I believe the most recent was my first playthrough of Final Fantasy VI, where Sabin’s Street Fighter moves started to irritate my left thumb. I have no regrets.

  2. I only ever got harmed playing a video game when I slipped while playing DDR and hit my face on the screen. Always remember to grab the handlebars, youngster!

    Can I talk about the instances where people have damaged their property as a result of video games? Have you ever personally witnessed a Wii Mote fall from a person’s grasp and hit a television? I witnessed it twice.

  3. The worst ailment I’ve experienced since playing a computer game were painful blisters I got from playing any 2D fighting game on the Dreamcast. That D-pad was lifted simply enough to interfere with my usual technique of “fluking my way into quarter-circle movements.”

  4. Yes, I do recall this worry coming up before. I’ll add that while playing the original Mario Party, I developed a blister on my palm, and while playing Pokemon Go, I struck my head against a glass wall. The eager play of Theatrhytm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call also hurt my right-hand man.

  5. QOTW: When I was still getting used to virtual reality and playing Boneworks, I was amazed by how real the “VR illness” actually was. As I tried to carefully lower myself to avoid falling, the Valve Index was still on my face, and the side of my head quickly learned where my desk’s corner was.

    Kids Icarus: Uprising is a video game that made me wonder if I was one of those discomfort fetishists or not. Every night, I wish there was a Switch HD remake of this game. Even with the stand, every time I played it, my hands suffered excruciating pain. However, I enjoyed the game so much that as soon as my hands stopped hurting, I immediately switched back to the 3DS.

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever hurt myself playing video games, aside maybe some hand cramps, but I have a question for the cast: what are your favourite podcasts? I want to start a few new podcasts because I recently found some that I didn’t enjoy.

    Currently, I just have RPGcast, Backtrack, and Nextlander (prior Gaint Bomb Men) on.

  7. In the past, when I played a lot of DDR, I used to experience leg cramps.

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