Cool Cats Update Includes 3 New Games


Get ready for the incredible Cool Cats update, which adds three new games to your collection. Recently, at a Town Hall meeting, Cool Cats announced a number of important changes intended to improve the overall quality of their international brand presence. Of note, during the next 12 months, the company will release three incredible new video games developed in collaboration with well-known video game designers. I say, “Shall we?”


  • In 2019, Cool Cats will release three new games in collaboration with industry heavyweights.
  • The Cool Pets series is undergoing an incredible makeover, giving fans the chance to upgrade to brand-new friends with brand-new artwork and expanded character development.
  • On July 27, 2023, $MILK production will be shut down and a final $MILK burn event will take place.
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    The Cool Cats Have Levelled Up: Three Incredible New Games Are Coming Soon!

Games Cool Cats Unleash 3 Cool New Games: Get Ready to Play Worldwide!

The team at Cool Cats is constantly working to improve the quality of the Cool Cats name. Next year, they want to release three brand-new, exciting video games developed in collaboration with industry heavyweights. These games are expected to be a hit with players all across the world, cementing Cool Cats’ position as a beloved fictional figure.

Moreover, the priceless Cool Pets collection is still in for a unique makeover. Fans will be able to get updated with new companions this summer. The update has all-new artwork, deeper character development, and a definite path forward for use in the Cool Cats universe, including in video games. In the end, these alterations elevate storytelling to new levels and provide audiences engaging new content to enjoy.

On July 27, 2023, Cool Cats announced that they will no longer produce $MILK. The company has planned a final $MILK burn event for later this summer as part of the transition. Participants in the $MILK burn will also be eligible for rewards from Cool Cats. Rewards might be either digital or physical, but they both add up to a substantial sum. Before the release of the new Cool Cats games, it is still unclear what will take its place.

Existing Cooltopia goods, such as Pet Quest and Cat Gathering, are not rendered obsolete by the community’s updates. Instead, these items will serve crucial purposes in the future avatar system. As a result, supporters can keep feeling like they matter and have a stake in the expanding Cool Cats canon. In the next weeks, more information will be released about Cooltopia’s questing products and the $MILK burn event. We realise this is a watershed moment for the Cool Cats community as a whole.

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