Numerous Mississippi Cops Fired After $400M Lawsuit Claims They Tortured, Sexually Assaulted Two Men

Numerous Mississippi Cops Fired After $400M Lawsuit Claims They Tortured

According to NBC News, a Mississippi constable has fired several deputies after two individuals filed a federal lawsuit against them for $400 million.

Rankin County Sheriff’s officers were accused of breaking into a home on January 24 and assaulting and sexually abusing Michael Corey Jenkins, 32, and Eddie Terrell Parke, 35, as part of a planned narcotics raid, as reported by the Associated Press.

The Community in Mississippi Is Outraged Over the Fatal Police Shooting of a Teen

Suit: Both Men Beaten, Tased, Waterboarded, And Sexually Abused With Sex Toy

The claim alleges a pattern of excessive force used against Black people by police. The incident, which lasted for almost 90 minutes according to the fit, is described as “among the worst and most unusual events of cops misbehaviour in United States history.”

According to the source, Jenkins and Parker were living together at the time of the alleged attack.

The two Black men say deputies broke into their home without a warrant, beat them up, and waterboarded them.

One of the officers allegedly shot Jenkins after he put his gun to his mouth and fired.

According to NBC News, the shooting left him with a broken jaw, a lacerated tongue, and other serious facial injuries. For weeks, he stayed in the hospital.

Michael Jenkins claims that he was shot in the mouth by a constable from Rankin County.

Jenkins and Parke also state that the officers used a sex toy on them while assaulting them and yelling racist obscenities at them.

According to the complaint, Tasers were used to strike Jenkins and Parke at least 20-30 times.

It looks like the deputies had a “vicious contest” to see which Taser would be more effective when shot at these two victims.

Rankin County Sheriff Seeks To Restore Community’s Trust In Police Department

When Sheriff Bryan Bailey of Rankin County heard the claims, he said he immediately sought out a state investigation.

On Tuesday, Bailey said he had terminated the employment of all involved deputies and accepted the resignations of others.

According to NBC News, Sheriff Bryan Bailey said on Tuesday that all active deputies had been terminated “due to current developments, including findings during our internal investigation.”

He will not confirm how many cops were let go or confirmed to have quit.

Police Chief Bailey apologised for the harm done by his personnel and vowed to restore “the public’s trust in our department.”

According to NBC News, Bailey said, “We understand that the supposed actions of the deputies have actually deteriorated the general public’s trust in our department.” You can have faith that we will tirelessly pursue our goal of regaining your trust.

6 Officers Reported To Be Involved In Incident, Multiple Fired, Several Resign Amidst Accusations

The number of officers involved is six, according to the Daily Mail.

According to an article by Ashley Ann of the Pelahatchie News posted on the Facebook group “Let’s Talk Rankin County!among those three cops who were terminated are: Dedmon, Christian. Hunter Elward and Brett McAlpin

A copy of the lawsuit obtained by WLBT also confirms Ann’s account.

The Associated Press claims that Hunter Elward is the officer who shot Michael Jenkins in the mouth.

Two of the six cops mentioned by Ann have reportedly resigned. The identities of the remaining constable suspects remain unknown.

According to the Associated Press, the charges made by Jenkins and Parke prompted the Department of Justice to launch a civil rights investigation into the agency in February.


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