Craig-Hallum Upgrades Exact Sciences (EXAS)

According to Fintel’s data, Craig-Hallum raised their recommendation for Exact Sciences (NASDAQ: EXAS) from Hold to Purchase as recently as May 10, 2023.

Expert Price Forecast Suggests 9.61% Upside

Exact Sciences has had a yearly cost goal of 77.82 as of April 24, 2023. The range of estimates is from $55.55 to $99.75. The average price goal is an increase of 9.61% from the last reported closing price of $71.00.

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Exact Sciences is expected to earn $2,322,000,000 this year, up 5.54 percent over last year’s forecast. Annual non-GAAP earnings per share are expected to be -2.69.

What is the Fund Sentiment?

As of this writing, 1080 separate entities have disclosed holdings in Exact Sciences. Compared to the previous quarter, this represents an increase of 108 owners, or 11.11%. The average allocation to EXAS is 0.25 percent of a portfolio’s total value, an increase of 37.63 percent. The total number of shares held by institutions has dropped by 3,57%, to 198,198 K, over the past three months. EXAS has a put/call ratio of 0.79, indicating a positive market sentiment.

What are Other Shareholders Doing?

EXAS/ Exact Sciences Corp. Shares Held by Institutions

With its 11,379 K shares, ARK Investment Management controls 6.33 percent of the company. There was a decrease of 40.96 percent from the previous filing, in which the corporation claimed ownership of 16,040 K shares. Over the past three months, the firm has cut its portfolio investment in EXAS by 22.94%.

Ten thousand two hundred and fifty thousand shares, or 5.70 percent of the company, are held by Wellington Management Group Llp. The corporation now has 11,228 K less shares than it had in its previous filing, a drop of 9.52 percent. Over the last quarter, the firm grew its portfolio investment in EXAS by 30.99%.

The 4,90% stake in the company held by ARKK – ARK Innovation ETF is comprised of 8,818 K shares. Down 27.31% from its previous filing, the corporation now owns 11,226 K shares. In EXAS, the company’s portfolio allowance grew by 52.69 percent over the previous quarter.

JPMorgan Chase owns 4.31 percent of the company, or 7,750,000,000 shares. The corporation now owns 4,634,000 shares, a 40.20% increase over its last filing. Over the past three months, the firm’s portfolio allocation in EXAS has grown by 133.93%.

The 3,011 shares owned by VTSMX – Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares are worth 3.01% of the company. The corporation now owns 5,271 K shares, a 2.56% increase from the previous filing. Over the last quarter, the firm grew its portfolio investment in EXAS by 44.43%.

Precise Sciences Background Information
(This description is supplied by the business.)

Exact Sciences, a market-leading supplier of cancer screening and diagnostic services, is relentless in its pursuit of better choices that enable the clarity to take potentially life-saving action sooner. Exact Sciences is investing in its product pipeline to treat some of the most severe malignancies and improve patient care, building on the success of Cologuard and Oncotype DX. Precise Sciences has joined up with other forward-thinking organisations to further the fight against cancer.

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