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Earlier today, it was announced that Crunchyroll Games is working on a video game based on the One Punch Man anime. The upcoming PC and mobile release, titled One Punch Man: World, is a multiplayer action game. Crunchyroll and the book company Perfect World are developing it together. Those who are interested in playing the PC version can sign up for it today.

The latest teaser for World on Crunchyroll suggests it is an action game featuring a large cast of anime regulars. Gamers join the Hero Association, gain access to the characters, and advance them through their levels. They can take on raids full of nasty characters and monsters, as well as play minigames and complete side quests. Crunchyroll is recreating several of the fights from the first season of the anime scene for scene, and they are also adding new content that expands the tale.

One Punch Man: World is an immersive online action video game that transports players into the deep universe of One-Punch Man, as stated by Terry Li, the general supervisor of Crunchyroll Games, in a statement. We’re excited to present Perfect World’s video game to anime fans and players since it brings well-known characters and talents to life with top-notch production values.

Chinese publisher Perfect World is also responsible for games like Tower of Fantasy, Final Fantasy Awakening, and the forthcoming Persona 5: The Phantom X. In 2021, the company offered Embracer a stake in its subsidiary, Perfect World Entertainment. It was also this company in 2018 that introduced Steam in China.

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