Jesse Watters

On his first night in the 8 p.m. slot previously occupied by Tucker Carlson, Fox News’ Jesse Watters got some straightforward on-air instructions from his own mum, along with a warning not to forget his mission.

Don’t fall down any imagined conspiracy rabbit holes. Anne Watters, a Democrat who has publicly criticised her child for showing “ridicule for variety” and making questionable “sweeping declarations,” said in a phone conversation, “We do not wish to lose you and we want no suits.”

Anne Watters said, “In keeping with the Hippocratic oath, do no harm.” Kindness and consideration are necessities on our part.

She encouraged her son, who has been openly racist, sexist, and transphobic in the past, to use his influential position “properly to promote discussion that preserves a narrative thread.”

She felt that the “slamming” of Vice President Joe Biden had reached an appropriate level. “Seek service rather than fanning the flames,” Anne Watters said, before coming up with this ridiculous proposal that even current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump would support:

It’s possible that you may persuade your pal from Bedminster to resume his television career. If everyone in his audience wore red hats, I have no doubt that his ratings would soar, though obviously not as high as yours, my dear.

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