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Jul 17, 2023 2:26 am

Friends, you have made it to another week of saving money on normally more expensive items. This post will help you find a Gran Turismo 7 version that doesn’t cost more than $40. Those interested in alterations should also recall the 47 dollar Metroid Dread. Fans of classic video games should check out the Humble Arcade Bundle. A fantastic companion piece for those who have just finished Dial of Destiny is the Indy Pinball video game. (Same goes for the cheap Xbox version of Lego Indiana Jones.)

This Day in Gaming

Important video game and hardware releases in Australia

Gran Turismo Concept (PlayStation 2, 2002).

Agent Clank, Top Secret!

– Echochrome (PSP) 2008.

2018’s Sonic Mania Plus (N64, PC, PS4, XO)



  • Switch, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation

Good Savings for Nintendo Switch

Metroid Anxiety

Playing a Metroid that has returned to its former glory is a true joy. Dread is the latest installment in a long-running series, but its creative progress is only just enough to keep things seeming fresh. Superb, scoring a perfect 10.

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Purchase Cheaply for PC

There are 9 goods

Arcade Machine for the Home

Games like Pinball FX: Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Legacy Bundle, Terror of the Hemasaurus, Trail Out, Redout II, and River City Girls are included in the Ultimate Edition of Mortal Kombat 11.

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Interesting Bargains for Xbox

Last Dance in Disco Heaven

Disco Elysium is already a remarkable role-playing game, but The Final Cut elevates it to the level of an absolute masterpiece. 10/10. What you are missing out on is beyond your comprehension.

Yesterday’s Closing Deals

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Pure Scores for PlayStation

GT7: Gran Turismo

Polyphony Digital, the creator of this variant, delivers a commanding speech. Beautiful visuals, a satisfying driving experience, and a wide variety of racing modes make this the best entry in the series since the PlayStation 2’s heyday.

Yesterday’s Closing Deals

The helm once again

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