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It is not uncommon for people to transition into the expert fumbling area from other industries or sports. This is now exemplified by YouTuber-turned-wrestler Logan Paul. Due to their non-wrestling backgrounds, many fans have argued that these stars should not be relocated. When a company recruits a celebrity from another sport or martial arts industry, that star and the business both benefit greatly. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the leading expert fumbling company, and they keep putting great stars from different sports into the ring to get more viewers.

Floyd Mayweather is one of the best professional athletes WWE has ever reached out to. And the main reason for this is the amount of money people believe the company paid him for his appearance.

Mayweather reportedly received a staggering $20 million from WWE for a single WrestleMania bout. Is this for genuine, or is it an overstatement? We expect to find just that here. Let’s get down to business without further ado.


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Did Vince McMahon pay a huge total up to Mayweather for his WrestleMania match?

In 2008, reports of W

Former VP said they moved there so people would talk about Mayweather’s WrestleMania outfit.

When asked where the money for WrestleMania came from, Bruce Prichard said, “If you will at WrestleMania all that comes out of a different account, all that comes out of a totally other portion of the company. Separate from the young men’s compensation. It was a huge offer, especially for Floyd Mayweather, who reportedly received $20 million. That will cut into my next paycheck. Absolutely not. Not even close to $20,000,000! The media is going crazy about it…

Floyd Mayweather’s WrestleMania outfit was not thrown together at the last minute. WWE created the finest scenario possible and performed it for a month leading up to the actual fight.

WE paying $20 million to the previous expert fighter for his match at WrestleMania 24 were all over the location. He dealt with the previous WWE champ The Big Show. The match got a big buzz due to the fact that of the quantity of cash that Mayweather got.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Whatever collapsed when a years later on, the previous senior vice president of the WWE Bruce Prichard exposed the fact behind it. In an episode of his podcast “Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard”he stated that Mayweather didn’t get the reported cash for his WWE look. He discussed that $20 million is a lot for a single match and it might have impacted everybody’s income who was working that night.


The previous Vice President even discussed that the relocation was just to produce buzz around Mayweather’s WrestleMania look.

Bruce Prichard stated, “If you will at WrestleMania all that comes out of a various account, all that comes out of an entirely various part of the business. Not related to the young boys’ pay. When they’re talking about this was a huge offer, particularly with Floyd Mayweather, due to the fact that men got $20 million. That’s gon na impact my payday. No, it does not. It wasn’t $20 million. It’s buzz, it’s press …”

Floyd Mayweather’s WrestleMania look was not an all-of-sudden occasion. WWE produced a best story around it and kept performing it for a month prior to the genuine encounter.

How WWE crafted Mayweather’s story

All of it began in February 2008 throughout the WWE PLE ‘Now Way Out’. Throughout the program, Floyd Mayweather existed in the audience. He didn’t simply go to the PLE however likewise assaulted Big Show who was feuding with WWE legend Rey Mysterio at that time.

As an outcome of the attack, Show broke his nose and on the really next Monday Night Raw, the previous WWE champ challenged the previous expert fighter for a ‘no Disqualification match’ at WrestleMania 24.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr WWE

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Mayweather accepted his difficulty and WWE began to produce the buzz around the match. The story of paying Mayweather with the 20 million dollars was likewise a method to promote the clash

At WrestleMania 24, both fumbling and boxing fans were all set to witness how WWE would provide a match worth more than $20 million. The match was not as incredible as anticipated. The Big Show controlled Mayweather mainly, however at the very end, the Olympic bronze medalist struck ‘The Giant’ with brass knuckles and emerged triumphant.

That year, WWE made $23.8 million from WrestleMania 24, that made the story of him earning money a huge quantity more intriguing.

Mayweather after WrestleMania 24

A year after WrestleMania, Mayweather as soon as again feuded with Big Show. He assisted MVP and Mark Henry in a match versus the Big Show and Chris Jericho. This occasion expense ‘The Giant’ a chance for the championship.

Floyd mayweather 8 1

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The fans were as soon as again anticipating a clash in between both stars. Absolutely nothing like that took place and after appearing in a couple of backstage sectors, WWE Universe never ever saw the previous expert fighter once again inside the squared circle.


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Floyd was not the only fighter who made a look in the WWE. Expert fighters appearing in the WWE ring have a long history. A number of huge names from the boxing market like Evander Holyfield, Butterbean, Tyson Fury, and Mike Tyson have actually likewise made a quick look in front of the WWE Universe.


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Floyd Mayweather will constantly stay uniqueFor his reported income and now, for the fantastic advantages that WWE and he got since of the buzz they created. Neither WWE nor Mayweather has actually yet exposed the genuine figure in front of the fans and it looks like they are going to keep it a trick for a bit longer.

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