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While modern video games are fantastic, there are some aspects that we miss from the days before the internet. It’s hard to find a more popular retail category than the video game store, where both retro and modern video games may be found side by side on shelves. You get it; a strobe-lit chair and a stack of used Samsung Galaxies take the place of a wall covered with Funko Pops.

We also long for video game magazines. Thankfully, a few publications have managed to survive the onslaught of the internet, and there is something special about reading about the latest games in print. It’s an experience we want to recreate on the site, and it inspired our newest routine addition. The Nintendo Life Inbox is Finally Here!

What Do You All Think?! Perfect, but how about the feedback section? You can’t really say that’s the same thing, can you? We’re just happy to bring back some of the old-school, monthly Letters page vibe, so there’s no need to worry about the comments or the online forums disappearing.

Nintendo Life as an Image

These communications will still be electronic, however.We’ll only be showing a small subset of them in our new monthly Mailbox piece, which will give our followers a chance to get in touch with us in a unique, throwback fashion. Looking to share your thoughts on a video game, series, or console? Want our input on a specific gaming-related topic? Maybe you have some reservations regarding the website. Need Jim’s opinion on how the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 score compares to the previous two films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole? It’s your chance now!

In the same way that magazines often include a highlighted ‘Star’ letter, we will be doing the same thing. We recently introduced our Supporter plan for NL readers who enjoy the website and would like the option to experience it ad-free (you may have noticed the little pulsing’badge beside users’ names, and even registered yourself – thank you!), and every month, we will give a free month’s membership to our Supporter programme to a Star letter of our choosing.

For more information on our Supporter plan, see the linked page below. To reiterate, there is no way that we can access the content behind the barrier. Every post on the site will still be accessible to anybody who wants to read it; this is just an alternate way to help fund our services for those who prefer not to see advertisements while they read.

Video games are cool with me. Where should I address my letters? You cry. I’m ecstatic that you asked, and it’s great to see the’missives’ being released in the right way. Details are provided below:

Games Instructions for sending in your Nintendo Life mailbox

Write us some letters, not essays! – Keep in mind that your message may appear online; however, a 1000-word analysis of the Legend of Heroes series and a request for Alana’s personal rating are not likely to be published. The key to success is brevity! (If you want a quick overview, you don’t need more than 100-200 words.)
Don’t overwhelm them with letters; a monthly letter is all that’s needed.
If your letter isn’t published in the monthly piece, don’t let that get you down. We anticipate a large volume of mail, and unfortunately can only include a few number of messages each month. Don’t give up hope if your letter isn’t used in the sample article.

Games Instructions for Writing to Nintendo’s Life Mailbox

To submit a letter to Nintendo Life, visit their Contact page (a link is given above) and choose “Reader Letters” from the drop-down option. Simply enter your name, email address, and well-written letter into the appropriate fields and click the “Send” button.

We plan to open fire on our mailbox! Leave a comment below letting us know what’s on your mind. Otherwise, we’ll see you once we tear apart your refined letters and deep thoughts.

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