Win Real Gold With Golden Egg

With the help of the FRUITS Eco-Blockchain Project, Golden Egg Wonderland is reimagining Web3 gaming with its “play for gold” model. In a significant way, players can trade in-game NFTs for real-world golden eggs. Thus, the boundaries between the online and offline worlds are becoming increasingly porous. I say, “Shall we?”

  • Gold-Mining: Players can use the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model in Golden Egg Wonderland to amass valuable in-game tokens and non-monetary rewards.
  • Gamers, inspired by Aesop’s fables, capture, rear, and breed birds to sell or trade for NFT eggs.
  • The beta version will debut in July 2023, with bird-on-bird battles and location-specific features, and a real-world store will soon open where players can trade in their virtual gold eggs for the real thing.
  • Play-for-Gold implements a practical gold-mining experience, creating a long-term foundation for the GameFi economy.

Play-for-Gold: Embark on a Golden Adventure in the Metaverse!

The Play-to-Earn trend is encouraged in the video game Play-for-Gold: Golden Egg Wonderland. Here, players can stock up on NFTs and other valuable in-game tokens. Furthermore, this trend has been a major factor in the rise of HTML5 gaming. This is due to the fact that blockchain technology guarantees transparency and traceability for in-game items. Considering them to be treasured assets.

Just how do we go about “Playing for Gold?” Players obtain NFT eggs by catching, raising, and breeding birds, as depicted in Aesop’s Fables. It’s possible that some of the NFT certificates will hatch into golden eggs, allowing players to trade in their certificates for actual golden eggs of the same size and identifying number.

In July of 2023, the beta version will be available, and it will allow players to do things like catch birds and eggs, hatch and raise them, and breed them. The plan calls for player-versus-player battles between birds, location-based features based on GPS area sync, and a retail facility where users can trade in their gold egg NFTs for actual gold.

The Play-for-Gold feature in Golden Egg Wonderland simulates the actual process of mining for gold. Eventually, players will be able to build up gold holdings through Web3 gameplay, with the game’s designers envisioning a sustainable GameFi economy. Get ready for a magical adventure in the metaverse and join this exciting new era of gaming!

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