Blockchain Gaming Shines in DappRadar x BGA Games Analysis


The latest DappRadar report for Q2 2023 shows that blockchain video gaming is performing exceptionally well. Learn more about the key blockchains, top games, NFT trading volumes, and web3 gaming investments that are fueling this market’s growth.

  • With 36% market participation and impressive active wallet hikes for Klaytn and Oasys, blockchain video gaming shines in Q2 2023, demonstrating its potential beyond financing.
  • While WAX is leading in deals, Hive’s are falling by 49%. Developments in both the DeFi Kingdoms and Klaytn are positive and encouraging.
  • SuperWalk’s growth indicates a strong move-to-earn pattern in Q3 2023, following the success of industry leaders Alien Worlds and Splinterlands. There is also a lot of action in the NFT market, with Gods Unchained being the most actively traded token.
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DappRadar x Blockchain Games Q2 2023 Report

Blockchain video gaming has more than shown its potential with amazing active wallet boosts and enticing development. In the end, the market in the second quarter of 2023 was quite intriguing. Despite all the talk about “Decentralised Finance” (DeFi), the most recent DappRadar report shows that blockchain video games are where the technology really shines.

Despite losing its dominant position in the market, blockchain-based video games are still influential. With 699,956 daily unique active wallets (dUAW), this sector of the industry accounts for 36% of all market participation. Klaytn and Oasys, two of the top 5 blockchains, both saw significant increases in the number of separate active wallets.

WAX was the leader in transactions with 1.5 billion, whereas Hive had a dramatic drop of 49%. However, DeFi Kingdoms and Klaytn showed positive signs of growth and progress. SuperWalk, Alien Worlds, and Splinterlands all rose to the top of their respective markets. The growth of SuperWalk in Q3 2023 indicated a potential revival of the trend towards earning movement.

Gods Unchained saw the most NFT trading volume activity at $6.3 million and 85,182 sales. Despite Q1 2023’s stellar growth, with trading volume increasing by 277% to $311 million, Q2 2023 showed a reduction of 81% to $58 million and a dip of 73% in land sales to 39,000.

In Q2 2023, $973 million was invested in web3 video game jobs, with 44.76% of that going towards safeguarding metaverse jobs. The $221 million that Bitkraft raised for its second token fund stood out as a massive financial commitment. In a nutshell, blockchain video gaming offers a guarantee of progress and growth. The market is being driven forward by the industry, and as a result, it is an attractive topic to keep an eye on.

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