From Digital to Embroidery

Patchwork NFTs by MNTGE are a great place to begin your adventurous spirit as they combine digital and embroidered art in a limited collection.

  • Explore the Patchwork NFT universe, where digital art meets needlework and other forms of unique expression created by MNTGE. Eleven contemporary artists contributed unique designs to a limited edition set of 7,500 Ethereum NFT spots. Coldie, OSF, Grant Yun, Chris Torres, and All Seeing Seneca are just few of the artists whose work is included here.
  • Optical illusion-inspired artist Jen Stark joined the roster as well, bringing her impressive innovations with her.
  • As MNTGE embeds near-field interaction (NFC) chips into real-world places, designers will soon be able to digitally sign and store their autographs in perpetuity.
Still from MNTGE Patchwork
MNTGE’s Patchwork NFTs

MNTGE Patchwork NFTs are Now Minting!

Patchwork NFTs by MNTGE are the beginning of a fantastical adventure, where digital meets embroidery and art handles a wide range of formats. Seven thousand five hundred Ethereum NFT spots, individually designed by eleven contemporary artists, are now available from the retro-focused business. These examples showcase a range of styles and abilities, from digital art to embroidery, illustration, and tattooing.

Artists of the calibre of Coldie, OSF, Grant Yun, and Nyan Cat creator Chris Torres have joined Patchwork. Especially the debut of All Seeing Seneca’s Shermie, a surreal character whose media-bending surrealism comes courtesy of her time as Bored Ape Yacht Club’s principal artist.

Renowned optical illusion-inspired artist Jen Stark also joins the cast. Her work has added to the collection’s allure, as seen by its display at the Smithsonian and her recognition as one of the Foundation’s top 10 best-selling NFT creatives. The MNTGE Patchwork sale, hosted on OpenSea, began at 2pm ET, with the price of 0.07 ETH (about $130) per Ethereum NFT. MNTGE, built on Ethereum’s ERC-6551 technology, allows NFTs to store other NFTs, creating exciting new possibilities.

Developers can employ near-field communication (NFC) chips to digitally sign their work in progress. The signature is also fully secure, much like when an artist physically signs an item of clothing. Former baseball cap business partners Gmoney and Jeff Staple made use of this flashy digital feature.

MNTGE will provide traditional denim coats that feature NFC chips in the sleeve in the wake of the Patchwork drop. You can add digital spots to their digital doubles using the clever ERC-6551 technology, and you can sew actual spots onto the coats. Tickets sewn into clothing might unlock exclusive perks, therefore MNTGE is considering incorporating NFTs into major sporting and musical events.

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