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Every day brings a slew of new mobile games to the App Store, so we update this list weekly to reflect the best of the best from the previous week. The App Store used to feature the same games for a week before refreshing them every Thursday. As a result, developers got into the habit of releasing their games on Wednesday or very early Thursday, when they were most likely to be featured. Since the App Store is constantly updated now, there is less of a need for everyone to launch on the same day. People have known for years that the best time to check TouchArcade for the latest lineup of games is every Wednesday night, so we’ve stuck with that schedule. To save you time, I’ve compiled a full rundown of all the new games being released this week; please have a look and let us know in the comments section which ones you plan to purchase.

A Monster’s Expedition ($9.99)

626x0w 7 3

iTunes Description

You’ll travel to various islands from all over the world by pressing trees together to make walkways, learning about the origins of “mankind” as you go.

Discover human history with new exhibits on the “Human Englandland” internet dig, complete with expert commentary. Insights isn’t a legally enforceable phrase, thus it may just be a bunch of hearsay.

Message Board Thread: A Monster’s Expedition (by Draknek Limited)

Ace Fishing: Crew (Free)

626x0w 3 7

iTunes Description

Have fun fishing and exploring the seafloor with your crew. Casting Like a Pro: Team!

It’s enjoyable either on your own or with others.
It’s exciting to fish while watching fish swim below the surface, and it’s fun to prepare and share the fish you catch with others.

Playing Ace Fishing: Crew will put you in the shoes of a real-life angler.

Subject: (Com2uS) Ace Fishing – Crew (Online Forum Thread)

Beachside Bites: Sip & & Munch (Free)

626x0w 21

iTunes Description

Come join us at Beachside Bites, the best coastal cooking experience around! at this fantastic game set at a beachside restaurant, you’ll have to tempt customers’ taste buds, serve hungry beachgoers, and come up with deals that will make their mouths water. As the game’s lone protagonist, it’s your job to make and serve customers delicious burgers, ice cream, beverages, pops, ice cream sandwiches, and cakes.

Discussion Topic on the Internet: Beachside Bites: Sip & & Munch (by Pixel Stomper Inc.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution (Free)

626x0w 2 7

iTunes Description

The free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is now accessible, allowing new players to join the famous dream experience already enjoyed by over 300 million players.

Amazing vacationers! You have heard the goddess Altea’s beckoning whisper; please come back and finish composing your shared faith and goal.
She is waiting for you to come back so she can collapse the continent of Altea.

The Evolution of the Dragon Nest 2 (by Level Infinite) Online Forum Thread

Household Chess ($1.99)

626x0w 14 2

iTunes Description

Find a new spin on the world’s most played parlour game that’s still a lot of fun.

Chess, in a wonderful fantasy-like setting for video games. Learn a fresh take on the world’s most played parlour game.

Choose your favourite character, then pick a chessboard and challenge yourself in this fun and accessible game of Chess. Give yourself to the game’s cartoonish aesthetic and make your initial move.

Family Chess (by RedDeerGames) – Forum Thread

Kasplat (Free)

626x0w 5 4

iTunes Description

Pick your dart, load it up with your preferred colour scheme, and let loose in this bright treasure trove of disorganised mayhem.

The strategy in Kasplat goes far deeper than meets the eye, and the game features multiple game types, incredible powerups, and the ability to defend your top score.

Kasplat (by Geekabyte Games) Online Forum Topic

Luck be a Landlord ($4.99)

626x0w 4 7

iTunes Description

Take on the shopkeeper in this roguelike deck-building fruit machine.

The owner of the property has arrived at your door. One coin has been issued in your honour. After inserting the coins, you press the appropriate buttons and… JACKPOT! Tonight, the landlords are in luck!

In Luck be a Landlord, you play the role of a landlord who uses a fruit machine to collect rent and fight against industrialization. Microtransactions and gambling with real money are not available in this video game.

Lucky Landlord (by TrampolineTales) Online Forum Thread

Minigame Party: Pocket Edition (Free)

626x0w 18 2

iTunes Description

Minigame Party is an easy-to-play party game that requires no more than a single finger.

Artistic creation by Com2uS!
The comeback of the MiniGame Paradise series is worthy of its 19 million downloads.

Minigame Party: Pocket Edition (by Com2uS) is the topic of a thread on an online forum.

Pixel Sweepers (Free)

626x0w 9 3

iTunes Description

Pixel Sweepers Invitation Message. Classic mines simulator with a modern touch.
This is the best time-killing game out there, and it got better. Pixel Sweepers has the best mobile UX of any mines video game. Experience a breath of fresh air as you play your favourite classic game with this creative twist.

Pixel Sweepers (by Cogoo) Online Forum Thread

The Queen’s Gambit Chess (Free)

626x0w 8 4

iTunes Description

Bring into the realm of Beth Harmon. Enjoy this fantastic ode to the programme by taking classes, playing puzzles and matches, or competing against excellent pals online.

Everyone from chess newbies to grandmasters will enjoy this immersive experience, as they can relate to the critically renowned play.

Chess master Ripstone explains the Queen’s Gambit.

Go Back To Monkey Island ($9.99)

626x0w 13 2

iTunes Description

The Monkey Island franchise was revived in Go Back To Monkey Island after the revolutionary success of Ron Gilbert and Lucasfilm Games’ The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.

Please take the time to play “Return to Monkey Island” on Devolver and comment on your experience with the game.

Turn the Rings (Free)

626x0w 10 3

iTunes Description

If you turn around in a complete circle, you’ll see the hidden message.

The player must flip the rings and overcome various obstacles in order to advance in this fun puzzle game.

Turn the Rings, developed by Genix Lab, has its own forum topic.

Fix & & Roll (Free)

626x0w 17 2

iTunes Description

Construct bridges, ramps, loops, and slides using geometric shapes to guide a small green ball to a large gold star.

By correctly arranging the shapes, players can take on more than two hundred challenging creative physics puzzles. Can you confidently answer each of their questions?

Forum Discussion: Rock & Roll (by Alex & James Cockcroft)

Swordash (Free)

626x0w 15 2

iTunes Description

Roguelike meets Hack ‘n’ Slash. Sword Hunter’s sequel.

In this remarkable encounter, you will have to defend your home from an army of ridiculous foes. A mysterious woman has returned, and it’s up to you to put a stop to her incursion. Put on a show of bravery and you might just become the hero of heroes!

Topic on the Internet Forum: Swordash (Fattoy).

Too Hot to Handle 2 (Free)

626x0w 1 8

iTunes Description

Increasing the number of possible outcomes increases the level of drama. The new season of Netflix’s blockbuster interactive story video game based on the hit truth series is going to heat things up. You can either risk losing everything by disobeying Lana’s rules of love, or you can choose love. Transform your appearance and jam out to some hot new tunes on a tropical island in this interactive tale game. The air is hot with passion; can you feel it?

Too Hot to Handle 2 (by Netflix) Online Forum Discussion.

Tower of God: NEW WORLD (Free)

626x0w 12 2

iTunes Description

(You may now read the webcomic that has garnered over 6 billion pageviews throughout the world.)

Netmarble’s take on the global phenomenon that is Tower of God.

[Try out brand-new, exclusive tales!]

Get to know the webtoon’s main characters, Bam, Khun, and Rak, as well as the rest of the gang!
Step into their shoes and relive their firsthand tales as you chart your own path to the top of the Tower of God.

Tower of God: NEW WORLD (by Netmarble) Online Forum Thread

Track & & Burn (Free)

626x0w 16 2

iTunes Description

In order to win a series of exciting and challenging street races, you’ll need to become an expert driver behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle.

Track & Burn (by Tayasui) – Forum Thread

3 Count Bout ACA NEOGEO ($3.99)

626x0w 11 3

iTunes Description

SNK released the professional wrestling video game 3 COUNT BOUT in 1993.
The goal is to become the best wrestler in the world and dethrone the current champion.
Packed to the gills with all the essential elements of professional wrestling, including punch exchanges, aerial attacks, dash moves, and even illegal moves!
Interesting matches, such as those involving electrical energy and the streets, are available for your viewing enjoyment.

Discussion Topic: 3 Count Bout on the ACA NEOGEO (by SNK)

12 Labours of Hercules XV (Free)

626x0w 6 3

iTunes Description

Hercules was sound asleep on a ship when a gentle breeze turned into a violent storm. The hero’s ship was broken apart and hurled to uncharted shores. The locals gathered around the unconscious Hercules and… decided to hook the deity up!

The Lilliputians took Hercules to be their enemy, Laput, a mythical island that floats through the sky and shields their territory from the sun and rain. The hero gives his word that he will save his new, little pals and discover the secret of the island in the sky. Will the Lilliputian monarch consider the immigrant to be of sufficient stature to release him? Hercules, ever the fighter, will defend his adaptability and fairness.

Forum Topic: Hercules’ Labours XV: The 12 (by Jetdogs Oy)

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