Le'Veon Bell Says He Smoked Marijuana Before Playing in NFL Games


Francisco RosaMay 29, 2023

Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire through Getty Images

Le’Veon Bell, a free agent and former All-Pro running back, admitted earlier today that he once smoked marijuana before participating in NFL games.

According to the 31-year-old, “Looking back on this, that’s what I did,” he told the Steel Here podcast (via ESPN). I smoked while I was playing football, brother. I used to smoke before playing video games, then I’d go out and run for 150 yards and two touchdowns.

While the league’s cannabis policy changed in 2021, Bell’s conduct took place while violators were still subject to suspension.

Prior to the 2016 season, Bell was given a three-game suspension for violating the league’s drug usage policy after failing multiple tests.

Bell was one of the league’s most dynamic players during his heyday, making three All-Pro teams and three Pro Bowls in his first nine seasons. The Pittsburgh Steelers, who trained him in 2013 and had him on their roster for the first six years of his career, were largely responsible for his achievement.

He had three seasons during that time with more than 1,250 rushing backyards from which to select more than 600 backyards. His 2014 project was particularly outstanding because he achieved career highs in both rushing (1,361) and obtaining backyards (854).

Due to a contract dispute with the Steelers, Bell missed the 2018 season. The following year, he joined the New York Jets, who had much less success under head coach Adam Gase.

When Bell spoke to the podcast:

“Bro, once we arrive in New York, you quickly realise that head coaches make a significant difference. I learn it as soon as I get in New York, perhaps during the first week. Don’t get me wrong, the team wasn’t great, but if Coach [Mike] Tomlin [of the Steelers] were coaching that team, I feel like we would win at least 9 games.

“[Ex-Jets quarterback] Sam Darnold is so confused about our offence because the coach is confusing him, to the point where he doesn’t even understand like the real line’s securities.”

Bell was introduced by the Jets in October 2020, five games into the season. He eventually signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he had 82 carries for 328 rushing yards and 2 rushing goals to choose 16 receptions for 138 rushing yards.

He split the 2021 season between the Baltimore Ravens and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and as a result, he hasn’t played.

Bell entered the realm of professional boxing most recently, having engaged in three fights after quitting the sport.

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