Mark Cuban Makes Waves with NFT Transformation of his Book

Mark Cuban’s bold move into the Web3 space with the rebranding of his book as NFT has caused quite a stir. Everything you need to know is right here.


  • “How to Win at the Sport of Business,” written by Mark Cuban, is being adapted into a network game. This exemplifies his foray into cryptography and the literary arts.
  • Cuban has collaborated with, a blockchain-based marketplace for eBooks and audiobooks, to publish the NFT book on the Polygon network.
  • Cuban’s interest in Web3 and the potential of blockchain innovation across markets is demonstrated by his move, which follows his prior participation in NFTs, which consisted of collecting NBA Top Shot minutes.
Still from Mark Cuban NFT
Presenting a Book NFT By Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban Launches Book as NFT

Mark Cuban, TV star and millionaire businessman, has made waves with his foray into the cryptocurrency market. He is substantially adapting his book, “How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It,” into an NFT. Cuban first proposed the move on the Bankless podcast, and now he’s ready to make it a reality.

In order to bring his NFT novel to reality, Cuban has joined together with, a decentralised market that focuses on eBooks and Audiobooks. It’s a great project that shows how literature and cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly intertwined with one other. has also chosen to mint the NFT book on the Polygon blockchain, and it runs on the multi-chain Web3 platform.

How the Trip Played Out Cuban’s book gives readers an inside look at his rise from poverty to billionaire status. Now in its NFT version, it stands as a symbol of the revolutionary potential of modern business success stories in the age of rapid technological advancement.

Still from Mark Cuban Book
How to Win at the Sport of Business

On June 6, 2023, the NFT edition of Cuban’s book will be published. Anyone interested in purchasing a copy can do so for the low, low price of 5 MATIC, or roughly $5. Additionally, the limited edition includes 10,000 numbered eBooks, 385 different cover designs, and 257 different 1:1 cover designs. After purchasing, readers can access the book in and read at their leisure.

The Mavericks Previous Involvement in NFTs

Cuban has previous experience in the NFT industry. Before, he was heavily involved in the NFT craze and enjoyed amassing NBA Top Shot cards. He further demonstrated his enthusiasm for Web3 by discussing his plans to acquire virtual real estate. Buying “digital land” is the “dumbest sh*t ever,” he said in a YouTube interview.

It’s not just Mark Cuban who sees the potential in NFTs. Michael Winkelmann, better known by his artist name Beeple, released his debut book, “Beeple: every day, the First 5000 Days,” as a Nook First Release earlier this year. Therefore, this developing trend illustrates the expanding integration of blockchain technology across a variety of industries.

Cuban has made it obvious that he is excited about the potential and power of NFTs, hence his decision to dive headfirst into the industry. He is embracing the digital world and giving his readers something truly unique by converting his book into an NFT.

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