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games Sonic runs versus a setting sun in Sonic Superstars.

Although I have never been a fan of Sonic, I did think Sonic Superstars looked decent at Geoff Fest earlier today. It’s a classic sidescrolling platformer with co-op play that uses a 3D graphic style true to the original games.

Now you can watch 10 minutes of gameplay and see multiple levels completed virtually in their whole.

I have no idea where this video originated, but here is a GameSpot upload of the phenomenon:

I think this is very exciting news for Sonic fans. Everything from the spring pads to the enemy kinds to the layout of the boss battles is exactly how I remember Sonic to be in Sonic 1 and Sonic 2, both of which I have just reviewed. None of the trailer’s co-op characters—Tails, Knuckles, or Amy Rose—appear in this video, suggesting that you’ll be playing alone. Dr. Robotnik does make a brief appearance.

For someone like me who doesn’t particularly enjoy Sonic, this trailer effectively nullified the positive impression that the first one had created. Mainly because of the level design, which often requires you to take risks by venturing into areas where you have no way of knowing if enemies or obstacles are waiting for you. I know that I will inevitably run into obstacles, feel cheated, and become frustrated. You’re not supposed to “yuck other people’s yum” anymore, but if I don’t express my distaste for Sonic, Sega will keep creating the toys even though I’d rather they quit.

The launch of Sonic Superstars on Steam and the Epic Game Store is planned for later this autumn. To be honest, Sonic should puke himself for charging 55.

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