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Unreal Editor for Fornite has actually unlocked for striving video game designers to get a grip on video game advancement. While you may believe this would just interest amateurs, the doors are open to everybody. This has actually led some recognized designers to see this as a chance. Look North World is a little “community-focused” advancement studio intending to establish social experiences in Fortnite

Former AAA devs open new studio to make games in Fortnite 2
Screenshot by Look North World

AAA Devs open brand-new studio to make video games in Fortnite

Alex Seropian, co-founder of Bungie, Disney’s Patrick Moran, and designers from Electronic Arts and Amazon found Look North World. The developer is putting its efforts towards creating combat royale shooter experiences and working with the community to create games that players want to play. The developers have set up a Discord server where players may give feedback and interact with the team. As a token of their dedication to the community, the first thousand players who join their Discord server will be granted early access to the game’s beta phase.

Since then, Look North has released Criminal Corral, a first-person shooter where 16 players compete in a bracketed elimination style tournament to determine a winner through one-on-one duels. The developers of this island claim it will help players improve their one-on-one combat skills. Their second game, which has the working title “Murcielago,” is still in development but is not yet ready.

It appears unusual that a designer would commit their studio to establishing video games solely in FortniteIn a news release, Alex Seropian goes on to validate their studio’s organization choice.

We’re still in unexplored territory, but with UEFN development comes a whole new set of possibilities. We will learn what options are most appreciated by players through testing. When possible, we’ll sprinkle in a good dose of humour in addition to popular elements from gamers’ favourite video games. We are exploring it under the assumption that nothing can be achieved in the virtual world. As we create original ideas, we’ll learn how these platforms attract users, hold their attention, and boost the number of interactions between people.

According to Look North World, the production company plans to prioritise community and fun. Only time will tell if Look North World will rise to the top of Fortnite Creative’s cutthroat climate, but so far it has only released one video game. Enter the island code 0985-8384-1768 to play Criminal Corral right now.


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