USWNT Pledges to Stay Unified as Mass Shooting Devastates New Zealand Before World Cup 2
The United States starting lineup before the July 9, 2023, video game against Wales at PayPal Park in San Jose, California. Picture by Karen Ambrose Hickey/SPP/Shutterstock

Despite the tragic events in Auckland, New Zealand, all members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team are safe.

On Thursday, July 20, hours before the start of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, a shooter opened fire at a construction site in the heart of Auckland. In an initial Twitter statement, authorities referred to the incident as a “separate event,” later confirming the deaths of three people (including the suspect). Six more were injured as a result.

U.S. Soccer promptly turned to social media following the event to reassure anxious fans that its players and staff “are represented and safe.” According to the latest statement, “our security group remains in communication with regional authorities and we are continuing our everyday schedule.”

As concerns about players’ safety escalated, the federation eventually dealt with the casualties. In a second tweet, the organisation expressed its condolences to the families of those killed in today’s shooting in downtown Auckland. “Our thoughts are with the people of Auckland/T maki Makaurau and Aotearoa New Zealand as we are distressed by the unacceptable death to weapon violence.”

Before their first game, many staff members reacted to the disaster. Their opponent was Vietnam. The United States, it seems to me, has been here before. A key thought that forward Lynn Williams kept in mind during an interview was that “let’s come together” was a prevalent feeling among the team. There is more to be done. [we’re] Admitting that real human lives were lost is both honest and destructive.

Williams, 30 said she and her coworkers were “grateful” to be unharmed and appreciated how quickly emergency personnel responded.

Crystal Dunn, the protector, expressed her gratitude to the affected parties. She declared, “This is genuine.” “I think everyone handles these circumstances differently, so it’s important to understand that [and] to provide individuals the space that they require to resolve the injury that has actually occurred today,” the author says.

USWNT Pledges to Stay Unified as Mass Shooting Devastates New Zealand Before World Cup
The United States Women’s National Team at the farewell celebration following the July 9, 2023, video game between the United States and Wales at PayPal Park in San Jose, California. Picture by Karen Ambrose Hickey/SPP/Shutterstock

Her next sentence was, “But just understanding that we’re a combined team, and we offer individuals area that they require, and, hopefully, we had the opportunity to get on the pitch and have ourselves a subjugate and just attempt to be linked once again on a hard day.”

For the duration of the group stage of the competition, which began on Thursday, the U.S. group will be one of eight based in Auckland. Close by as well is the FIFA Fan Festival, which was not yet open at the time of the shooting.

The strain of trying to qualify for a third straight Women’s World Cup isn’t fazing Dunn, 31, Williams, and the rest of the U.S. professional athletes still in the running.

“I would state it’s company as normal,” veteran gamer Carli Lloyd recently revealed to Fox News. “I would say that the U.S. is always the favourites, the top team in the world when it comes to the technique. Everyone wants to go out and win against them. They are being hunted down. They are probably not even thinking about making history by winning three consecutive titles. It’s something everyone knows deep inside.

Recently, football superstar Megan Rapinoe announced her plans to retire at the end of the year. She first played for her country in 2006, and this is her fourth World Cup.

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Rapinoe, 38, told The Ringer in an interview published on Wednesday, July 19, “I can’t wait to be untethered.” And the freedom to go places, experience new things, continue my life as it is, or start fresh somewhere else. I completely agree that this is an excellent time. No, I’m doing fine even now. I still rely on a fantastic team. I’m still part of the big picture crew. I think having the World Cup is something truly monumental to end on, fingers crossed. I can relate, and I find this entertaining.Join us on YouTube and get instant access to our exclusive celebrity interviews and videos.

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