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Google’s current NFT Play Store policy statement shocks the IT industry in a coordinated effort with Reddit. The intriguing update will make NFTs accessible within apps and games. Let’s analyse the repercussions for the NFT group.


  • Google’s surprising relaxation of the Play Store’s NFT policy for apps and games reflects the company’s evolving stance on blockchain technology.
  • Improved regulations require transparency from games that make use of tokenized properties, penalising exaggerated NFT earnings and gambling-like dynamics.
  • With this policy change, Reddit hopes to create a fair playing field and increase user trust by partnering with Google.
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Games Google Set to Bring NFT Apps and Games to ‘Play Store’

Google is making waves with an updated declaration on the policies of its Play Store. Now, developers of apps and games that make use of NFTs can join the network.The updated criteria mandate transparency about the use of blockchain components in games that feature tokenized assets. To ensure responsible use, Google is cracking down hard on app developers who artificially inflate NFT revenue potential.

The community on Reddit, which saw massive success with its Avatar NFTs, collaborated with Google to create this change in policy. According to Reddit’s Senior Engineering Manager, Matt Williamson, the goal of the partnership was to create a more fair playing field and increase trust among users.

Apps that mine cryptocurrency were once banned by Google. ArDrive Mobile, a decentralised data storage software, was added to the Play Store more recently, revealing a move on Google’s part. Axie Infinity: Origins, a video game, was also included in certain territories.

Google’s new regulations for blockchain video games will be rolled out gradually. Later this summer, we should start to observe some changes. Google wants to test the limits of blockchain technology, thus it is encouraging NFTs and instituting standards to encourage responsible use. In the following months, we will see incredible progress.

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