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Tags: Original Sin II in DivinityPlanescape: TormentElden RingThe Spire is slain by seven pirates.

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  1. Just play Digimon, I say in response to your worries today.

    Actually, no. Videogames featuring Digimon are great. It’s a real shame they aren’t more well known outside of Japan.

    I’ve also heard good things about Nexomon. I might check it out in the future.

    With that said, why can’t a video game that simulates a beast gathering economy? Anyone remember that in Story of Seasons, you can change an item’s price by buying and selling it? If Pokemon had a feature like that where you could role-play as a breeder, I’d really love it.

  2. Good day.
    I’m not sure if it’s vanity or fear, but I couldn’t help but feel a little singled out as “that fan of Eiyuden Chronicles Rising who hasn’t said anything since that.”
    watching in!
    I didn’t get to play it as much as I had hoped because I had recently celebrated my anniversary with my spouse. Steam reports that I have played it for 10 hours and am still having fun, giving it a rating of 6.5/10, which I would describe as “fine, surrounding on great.” I’m thrilled that the fight and the devices are coming along as I expected and hoped they would. I’m also glad that the celebration members’ casual conversation occasionally makes me laugh and makes me like them better. The overarching plot isn’t really noteworthy, but it’s clearly a minor element with low stakes focused on this one hamlet in a larger universe that will likely be developed in the whole game, so I don’t mind it. The full “Chore the Game” title also… I should approach it differently than everyone else because I rarely need to go farming for supplies. I receive orders for things, and I typically already have them on hand. The only times I’ve regularly needed to go farm items are when I wasn’t expecting to have them yet and I need to go get them because it’s a part of the next tutorial for a mechanic the game wants to teach me right now and I also need those items for upgrades it has been teasering me with for the past dungeon and a half. The majority of your criticisms of video games, in my opinion, are fair, but that hasn’t stopped me from having fun.

    • I apologise for not contributing to the QOTW, but Kelley, if you play Elden Ring on a computer, I’d be happy to help you out if you ever get lost or run into trouble with my Faith-developing, greatsword-wielding Tarnished.

  3. Rising is so close to being finished that I’m unsure if I can finish it. I ignore all conversation, complete every assignment, and then just rip around the maps, grabbing the items needed to move forward. It is stressful to repeat the cycle. Nonetheless excited for the main video game.

  4. Naturally, the best one comes from a little-known Japanese company. Level 5: Watch the Yo-Kai! I wholeheartedly recommend both Nexomon video games if you want to widen your perspective a bit. I would advise playing them in order since while the first game is a fun Pokeclone in the GBA style, the second is a huge improvement in every way—story, dialogue, equippable items, etc. Hey, check out my assessments on both!

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