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‘Macross’ is not a new franchise for fans of science fiction, mecha, and area dream. While it may have failed to capture the same level of popularity as “Transformers,” “Gundam,” or “Evangelion,” it did so only slightly.

Even though it was a mecha show, “Macross” had human elements like nuanced romance and beautiful music. This sparked an entirely new flavour for the mecha genre, which often features large robots battling extraterrestrial forces and protecting humans.

On Sunday, after the ‘Macross Delta Walküre FINAL LIVE TOUR 2023 Last Mission’event completed, it was announced that production on a new animated ‘Macross’ series is still on. Sunrise is handling the situation.

At this time, only the studio’s name has been made public, so we’ll have to keep waiting for more details regarding the forthcoming project.

With the help of Studio Nue and Robotech maker Harmony Gold, ‘Macross’ advertising firm Bigwest announced in 1987 that they would be releasing the vast majority of the anime and associated merchandise beginning in 1988. Future Macross and Robotech projects will also involve their collaboration.

‘Super Dimension Fortress Macross’ Poster | Original from the Fandom Wiki

Studio Nue’s 1982 anime series “Super Dimension Fortress Macross” marked the beginning of the franchise. Later, it spread to other forms of media, including as anime films, OVA series, video games, and even literary adaptations like manga and novels. The anime was part of the Robotech franchise in North America.

Timely sequels, Macross 7 (1994), Macross Frontier (2008), and Macross Delta (2016), were released as anime series. While ‘Macross F Time Labyrinth’was a short, the most current installment is an anime film titled ‘Macross Delta the Movie: Absolute Live!!!!!!!’ and it debuted in October of 2021.

Releasing back episodes sounds like a great way to revive the series all around the world. Fans are excited about Sunrise’s involvement, but they are desperately searching for a new tale that stays true to the series’ original idea. Since Sunrise is also responsible for making Gundam, the ratio of action to music should be much more even.

Concerning Macross

Studio Nue and Artland created the mecha anime Macross in 1982.

The plot of the franchise revolves around a made-up version of Earth and human history. Time frame: following 1999.

The series chronicles the technological development of humanity and humankind’s contacts with extraterrestrials throughout the Milky Way.

Some of the more common ideas in Macross include a unified governmental structure for Earth, a Transformer-like system in which people may convert into jets and space jets, and transport or space folds.

The show also features elements of romance, maturation, nostalgia, reverse culture shock, and commercialism.

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