Tonikawa Season 2 Ep 10 Release Date

In episode 9 of Tonikawa season 2, titled “A Summer Day,” Nasa and Tsukasa are eating when they are unexpectedly joined by a guest.

Nasa learns via interacting with Tsukasa that she is terrible at coming up with new ideas, and she occasionally feels embarrassed by this realisation. Given that Tokiko had helped her with it before they got married, this is understandable.

Tokiko unexpectedly joins them as they relax and have breakfast after a morning of exercise and conversation about camping. Tsukasa is annoyed by her interruption, but Nasa is completely absorbed in the idea.

1. Episode 10 Speculation

Tokiko has invited them on a camping trip, and she plans to use the experience to help Tsukasa and Nasa’s marriage become stronger and healthier. There was also a flashback to when she was a child, all the while Tsukasa remained the same age, further emphasising the fact that Tsukasa is eternal.

Whether or not Nasa gets it is still up for debate. Perhaps Tokiko will use this trip to either inform Tsukasa or tell him herself; alternatively, he may already be aware but indifferent.

2. Episode 10 Release Date

The tenth episode of Season 2 of the Tonikawa anime will premiere on June 9, 2023. Neither the episode’s title nor a preview have been announced.

I. Is Episode 10 of Tonikawa Season 2 on break today?

Unfortunately, Season 2 Episode 10 of Tonikawa is not on hiatus today. On the above date, the episode will be made available.

3. Wrap-up of Episode 9

Tsukasa thinks the DVR remote is broken, but once Nasa replaces the battery, she realises it works just well, prompting an understandably defensive and humiliated reaction from Tsukasa. It’s not the first time, and she’s been wrong about technology in general the whole time.

Even if Tokiko hasn’t looked at something yet, she’s probably already an expert in it because she dealt with similar computer problems long before she joined Nasa. Later, Nasa and Kaname talk about what happened, and Nasa goes on a rant against his wife until he is interrupted by Yanagi.

His elementary school teacher drops over to wish him and his new wife a happy marriage. She reveals that on their last date, her soon-to-be husband exhibited some strange behaviour by adding an excessive amount of ginger to his ramen beef bowl, and she wonders if this had caused him any concern before they were married.

Yanagi had also tried it and found it to taste dreadful, as expected; yet, after two days, she began to long for it, and she now understood why Taniguchi acted the way she did. Nasa noticed a significant gain in his weight over the previous few days when he got on the scale the next day.

Tsukasa is also aware of the sudden improvement and calculates that he has given him a considerable amount of time. He runs 10 km every day to shed pounds, and Tsukasa eventually decides to join him despite his heavy breathing.

Tsukasa’s strange behaviour begins the moment Tokiko unexpectedly joins them for dinner. She announces that they must all go camping together and begins describing it in a dreamlike fashion, piqueing Nasa’s interest immediately.

They are going camping next week, and she immediately begins to make her feel bad about her age by leaving her a gift and then departing.

4. Where to view Tonikawa Season 2?

Over The Moon For You, by TONIKAWA, is available on:

5. About TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You

The Fly Me to the Moon manga by Kenjiro Hata was adapted into an anime titled TONIKAWA (Tonikaku Kawaii). It debuted on February 14, 2018, in the Weekly Shonen Sunday published by Shogakukan. Twenty-two volumes have been published since December 2022.

It involves Nasa, who, on the day of his high school entrance exams, meets a lovely lady named Tsukasa. Nasa confesses his undying love for her, but Tsukasa tells him they’ll start dating right after the wedding.

Nasa marries her on his 18th birthday, and the two begin a happy life together.

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