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New weapons, phases and video game modes now offeredgames JimNorman

  • by Jim Norman
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It can be easy to forget that there are, in fact, other video games out there when most of our attention is firmly fixed on Tears of the Kingdom (who knew?). In light of the foregoing, this is your polite reminder that Sizzle Season 2023, the most recent update to Splatoon 3, has really gone off the starting line today.

The main @SplatoonNA Twitter account has been slowly revealing information about what the upcoming season will bring, and spoiler alert: there is a lot. This information was first revealed back in May. This most recent update includes the Challenges game mode, new maps, an introductory brochure, and some wonderful brand-new weaponry like the S-Blast ’92 and Painbrush.

Make sure your game is updated to version 4.0.0 in order to join all of these new players, and you should be good to go. The first play windows for the “New Season Challenge” have actually been revealed as the following, so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow (2nd June) for our initial glimpse at the Challenges game mode.

  • Second June – 9pm-11pm PT
  • 3rd June – 5am-7am PT
  • 3rd June – 1pm-3pm PT

Check out our guide below for a full breakdown of everything that Sizzle Season 2023 brings to the game.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Sizzle Season will employ? Swim down to the comments and explain it to us. is a source.

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