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games Undecember opens pre-registration for its approaching Act 13: Hira upgrade

Line Games has just announced that the second chapter in the story of Undecember, titled Hira, will be released sometime in the next month. It’s a continuation of the popular ARPG’s main project, which began with Act 12: Ganida, which was released in May. Pre-registration for this massive update is now available.

Players were recently able to visit the maritime nation of Ganida thanks to an update, where they were treated to breathtaking coastal areas for the first time. Chapter 13 of Undecember takes place in the tourist hub of Hira, where the hunt for the elusive Zodiac Master continues. Not much is known about this location at the moment, but the embedded marketing clip gives players a glimpse.

In addition to a fresh tale and the Hira update, the creators have promised the release of a second season by the end of August. It adds two new game modes to give players greater control over their experience, whether they want a challenging or easy time of it.

The first new option is called Hardcore, and it’s designed for players who want to crank up the difficulty significantly. Dying adds a tremendous lot of tension and excitement because it limits your options in the game. Players who don’t want the pressure and want to relax and enjoy the game can do so in “Origin” mode.

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The Enchant feature included in the latter simplifies matters even more, allowing you to devote more time to farming and less to combat. These two modes are designed for very different types of players and offer different advantages.

Players that pre-register for Act 13 will be eligible to get a plethora of gifts, including the Zodiac Walker (7 Days) and the Rune Gauntlet Pet. Players that are interested can sign up for the beta on the pre-registration page.

Undecember is available for immediate, free download.

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