Xbox Games with Gold for August 2023 Announced

William D’Angelo

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The Xbox Live Games with Gold for the month of August 2023 have been announced by Microsoft. Two Xbox One titles will be available for free download later this month.

All the Games with Gold are listed below.

The $19.99 MSRP Blue Fire is on sale from August 1st until the 31st.

Release date: August 1st, retail price: $19.99 Inertial Drift

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Here is an introduction of the video games:

Blue Fire

In reality, evil forces have taken over the realm of Penumbra. They need a fighter who can wield both light and dark. Get started on an adventure to explore temples full of challenging 3D platforming, wild enemies, and optional quests. Learn the finer points of motion as you solve very challenging Void Puzzles and unlock the tips and tactics that will ultimately save the day.

Inertial Drift

Become the best drifter you can be. Race through a futuristic 90s setting using the game’s unique handling system and twin-stick drift controls. Choose from 16 unique vehicles across 20 challenging courses and race through the neon streets at breakneck speeds. Sharpen your skills in moving through the single-player story, then prove yourself the greatest in multiplayer.

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