WWE Veteran Feels Vince McMahon Should Not Be in Charge Again Despite Making WWE a Multi-Billion Dollar Company With His ‘Magic Touch’: “They’re Dealing With a Guy That’s Almost 80 Years Old”

WWE is a huge name on the planet of expert fumbling. Presently, there is barely any other expert fumbling business that can declare to be on its level. WWE would not have actually been as huge of a name as it is now, without Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon has actually been the driving force behind WWE. He has actually led the business this far. Even after that, previous fumbling supervisor Jim Cornette believes otherwise. He thinks that it is not safe to let him be the in-charge of WWE once again.

Jim Cornette discussed Vince McMahon’s ‘Magic Touch”


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Just recently, the previous WWE worker Jim Cornette committed a big section of the 288th episode of his podcast ‘Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru’ to Vince McMahon. Throughout the section, Cornette broke down Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel’s interview on CNBC.

While providing the interview, Ari Emanuel discussed McMahon’s magic touch and how he made WWE grow that huge. To this, Jim Cornette concurred and stated that WWE would not exist if it wasn’t for Vince McMahon. He even priced quote that Vince wasn’t the only one at that time who came up with the concept of pay-per-view.

Breaking down Ari Emanuel’s interview, Cornette stated, “Well in many cases the WWE would not exist today if it weren’t for Vince’s magic touch eventuallies in history… Well and likewise if Vince was seeing around that numerous corners he seems like a Peeping Tom does not he? I do not believe it’s reasonable to state that you understand no one else was seeing cable television or pay-per-view when Vince did.”

Not just this, however the American author likewise described why Vince McMahon is not the ideal option to lead WWE now. It concerns keep in mind that McMahon went back to WWE previously this year after his retirement from the business in 2015. He was reported to have very little state in the imaginative side of WWE, however the current episode of RAW gathered serious criticism in the middle of reports of his participation in the program.

According to Cornette, it threatens to let McMahon lead a billion-dollar business

Even more in the podcast, Cornette highlighted the significant factor for not totally relying on Vince McMahon with WWE now. He described that despite the fact that Vince had a magic touch, and he brought WWE this far, he is nearly 80 years of ages now and it might serve as a barrier for him.

Vince McMahon 2 12

Cornette described, “I believe he [Ari Emanuel] certainly does think that Vince has the magic touch with this business however I believe likewise he’s got to put the person over that he’s simply assembled an offer for that he’s an essential part of it’s you understand multi-billions of dollars, he can’t… He’s got to put Vince over some. They’ve still got to be sensible that they’re dealing with a person that’s nearly 80 years old.”


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Cornette even attempted to describe the possible offer that may have occurred in between Endeavor CEO and Vince McMahon about his function in WWE.

He continued“If … did Vince offer himself a two-year agreement rather of a five-year agreement. Since they might have stated well…’Vince we are repaired about the important things and you understand all due regard however you’re 70 f * cking 8. How about 2 years we get to an even number there and then we examine’. Possibly there was something like that.”


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There is no doubt that WWE would not be as huge as it is now without Vincent Kennedy McMahon. And now that he has actually passed its control over to another business, it would be intriguing to see how they choose Vince McMahon’s function in it, particularly amidst the growing fan criticism.

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